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As technology advances, electronic door locks are becoming increasingly popular for businesses. Trading the traditional lock and key entry for a swift and convenient keyless entry, this form of door lock comes with a host of advantages. We’ll look at the different applications of RFID electronic door locks, along with the features and benefits they come with.


What is an RFID lock?

RFID is an acronym for Radio Frequency Identification. This refers to a non-contact technology in which electromagnetic fields within a reader automatically identify digital data encoded within RFID tags. In the case of an RFID door lock, the key (usually in the form of a card or fob) is the tag.

How do RFID locks work?

RFID key cards transmit a signal on a specific frequency to the card reader, via a smart chip embedded inside the plastic. There will typically be a reader attached to the door which reads the information stored on the card, and releases the door lock when the card is presented within a sufficient proximity of the reader. Once the lock has been released, the door can be opened and will automatically lock once the door is closed again.

Where are RFID locks typically used?

The nature of this lock makes it a great choice for access control in many different industries and applications. They can be used for member access to facilities such as gyms, educational institutions and hospitals. The locks are also suitable for securing enclosures such as storage lockers and cabinets.

Benefits of RFID keyless entry locks

There are many advantages to using keyless entry locks for businesses over traditional lock and key entry. Electronic door locks using RFID technology offer convenience and added security benefits for users,

RFID hotel locks  have become quite famous among hoteliers in the past few years. Here it’s important to state that hoteliers prefer installing RFID door lock in their hotels because of the several benefits associated with these locks. You will be glad to know that Be-Tech offers many models of RFID hotel locks. So, you need to be careful in choosing the most suitable RFID lock for your hotel. Let’s first discuss the most common benefits of installing RFID hotel locks and then we will share the details of Achi Systems’s best-selling RFID door lock.

1. RDIF Door locks allow for Keyless entry

Unlike traditional hotel locks where guests have to carry their room key when leaving the hotel, RFID door locks don’t require a key to unlock. Hotel guests can easily access their rooms via RFID cards. So, you don’t need to worry about losing the key. It means there is no need to keep an extra key here and there. All you need to do is to carry an RFID card in your wallet and have hassle-free access to your hotel room.

2. RFID  Door Locks are More secure

There are chances that you drop your hotel key somewhere in the hotel’s lobby or parking area. Someone else can pick that key and access your room with the intention of stealing your precious belongings. But with an RFID hotel lock, there is no worry about misplacing your key. You can simply place your RFID card along with other visiting cards in your wallets, which is more secure. The RFID door locks by Be-Tech have professional engineering for presenting a multi-faceted safety option that seamlessly fits into the back-of-the-house security blueprint, thus providing better property security and life security.

3. RFID Door Locks are Easy to install

Unlike other electronic door locks, RFID door locks are easy to install. They hardly require a few minutes and some tools for the installation.

rfid locks kenya
rfid locks kenya


RFID technology is here and is now affordable. We stock a comprehensive range of RFID locking solutions which will operate with all locker types. Our range of RFID locks can be used on their own or combined with a complete access control system.