Pay Per Click PPC Services : Achi Systems claims unmatched expertise in PPC (pay per click) that is a latest trend of online or search engine marketing. We have highly qualified professionals who work dedicatedly to promote the business of the customers. Herein, the objective of our professionals is to generate lead and increase sales of patrons’ business. Our deep insight of the e-commerce enables us to render Pay Per Click services according to the business requirements of the customers.


pay per click ppc services
pay per click ppc services

PPC advertising service offered by us is easy and immediate to apply that guarantee of a measurable result. It is ideal for all kinds of business irrespective of the size and sector. Moreover, it is highly cost effective with us. PPC advertising works on a simple phenomenon of tracking the flow traffic. Through PPC, Flexsin technology is adopted that helps in organizing the conversions and flow of traffic. It is a high-end interface that facilitate to target, review, and update the measures of promotional campaign. Cost structure of PPC is action driven i.e. every time a visitor clicks the ad; the PPC engine deducts the secured amount from the account on the basis of the clients’ bid on the keywords. PPC services are available with search engines like Yahoo and Google.


facebook marketing and advertisement services kenya
facebook marketing and advertisement services kenya

Our professionals maintain strict monitoring of keyword trends and conduct regular research and analysis. These professionals ensure that ad is as per the target industry, based on which, they set the initial keyword bid. They consistently monitor the keywords and thus immediately eradicate the non-performing keywords to generate maximum lead.

Reasons why PPC marketing is worthwhile include:

You only pay when an interested person clicks. One of the reasons PPC is so straightforward is because you know exactly where your dollars are going, and you only pay when an interested party clicks on the ad. This is different than traditional advertising offline, where you spend X amount of dollars and hope your target market actually engages with the ad, but you never really know.


You set your budget to control costs. Speaking of budgets, with pay-per-click, you set the budget to your needs. You can put a cap on what you spend daily, and it’s flexible for you to change at any time. That doesn’t mean you can expect to see huge results with a limited budget, of course; it all depends on how competitive the keyword and industry are. (You can learn more about setting budget in Google AdWords, or check out a post I wrote on how much you should spend on PPC.)


You can reach your target consumer at the right time with the right ad. Want to target a person in a specific place at a specific time of day with a specific ad? No problem. With PPC’s location targeting and delivery options along with device-specific preferences (like mobile), you can deliver very specific messages to your target consumer at prime time when they are close by.


Unlike organic search, PPC can show results very quickly. We all know how important organic search traffic is for long-term website marketing; however, it has a longer cycle to prove ROI. PPC can show results fast. You can start a PPC campaign on Monday and literally start seeing results in terms of traffic and conversions the next day (depending on a variety of factors, obviously).


PPC data can inform your other marketing channels. Does your search engine optimization (SEO) team want to know if a particular keyword or set of keywords is converting well? PPC can tell them. You can also test the waters with new products or offerings using PPC in order to gauge demand and get an early look at its reception. You can even use PPC to promote oddball events or things that wouldn’t be appropriate for other forms of advertising.




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