Internet directories are like referrals for search engines. When a link is submitted to a directory, a human reviewer scrutinizes the link and when the link is approved, it is included in the directory. This link validation process is highly credited by various search engines. The two most popular Internet directories are DMOZ and Yahoo!, whereas Google is a search engine.

Directory submission finds immense importance in SEO. The search engines easily index links available in the web directories as the directory itself previously validates those links. When the crawlers of the search engine crawls the Internet for information, its first attempt is the links present in the web directories. Under our assistance, clients can easily submit the links to the pertinent category. This results in the high visibility of the clients’ website on various search engines.


Benefits of directory submission include:

Many directory pages will rank well for important search terms. If you are listed there, you gain the additional exposure in the results pages.

Gain relevant, powerful links that search engines value highly.

Potential clients will notice if you are not listed where many of your competitors are – you need to be the one to set the standard first!